What is Auction House

Auction House is a sex slave buying, selling, and training game. It is a game I make in my spare time. I hope you enjoy it.

Artists Wanted

If you would like to draw or commission art for the game, let me know! Contact casualcraig69@gmail.com

Requirements: 400x900 pixel transparent PNG, OC (non rule 34), at least mostly full body, at least mostly nude, in at least light bondage or restraints, standing, with flat lighting or lighting coming from above. A few variants encouraged if unique enough.

Writers Wanted

If you'd like to contribute dialog for the game, feel free to contact casualcraig69@gmail.com. Please send to me in a txt format file or plain text, do not use microsoft word or other software that uses magic quotes or formatting. At the very least, ensure you don't convert the quotation marks from " to “.
Here is the dialog template:
Here is an example of it filled out:

Coders Wanted

If you would like to help code the game, and know how to code well, and can code in PHP or JS/jQuery, Contact casualcraig69@gmail.com.

What is the round reset?

To keep the game fresh and keep the economy from becoming out of whack, the game resets all owned slaves and cash at the start of every month on the 1st at midnight ET.

Why can't we give slaves custom names?

In an early version of the game, that was allowed. Almost every slave was named Hitler. Got lame fast. I don't have plans at this time to allow custom names.

Why can't we give set starting bid?

Rich players could then hold the auction block hostage for hours by placing girls at prices that don't sell. I could build complex anti-abuse mechanisms at some point, but for now there's no plans to enable you to set starting bids.

Bug Reports

Please report all bugs to casualcraig69@gmail.com. Include your browser, device, username, and if possible the steps to reproduce the issue.


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